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We started our great adventure in 2011 when we decided to use our passion for growing heirloom produce to supplement the family income. During this time, we lived on the south end of Kaysville, in Davis County, Utah where we began growing for sale specialty heirloom produce both in our back yard garden and on approximately 0.5 acres of nearby land owned by family friends. This experience allowed us to develop a short list of loyal high-end restaurant clients that provided a launching pad for where we are today.

In 2013, we purchased 25 acres of prime farmland in the southern Sevier Valley, central Utah. We moved to Monroe, Utah to develop a specialty heirloom produce farm on the 25 acres. The ground had not been farmed in over 10 years

We spent the first growing season at the farm identifying what crops would grow at the new elevation and climate. We soon figured out that the heirloom tomatoes that grew so well in Davis County would not perform very well in Sevier County. We therefore started experimenting with other more cold tolerant and shorter growing season crops including multiple species of onions, carrots, beets; various species of heirloom popcorn, sweet and polenta corn; and dry beans. What we discovered was that most of these crops performed very well, and there was a market available both in the Sevier Valley and in the Salt Lake City area for these specialty crops.

Feeder hogs were added during the spring of 2014. The livestock operation was expanded in 2015 to include cattle. Excess produce is used to supplement feed.

In late 2014, we purchased a small table model grain mill to test grind dried sweetcorn into cornmeal and corn flour, and dry beans into bean flour. The thought was to fill a void in the growing and evolving gluten free products market. No gluten free grain mills are located in Utah. Additionally, the test grinding and marketing efforts strongly suggested that direct sales opportunities existed that could provide off-season revenue, while filling an apparent void for in-state growers and producers of gluten free cornmeal and flour products.

In early 2015, we upgraded irrigation practices to a full drip system. The water is filtered and then stored in an upright black above ground storage tank before being pumped through both underground and above ground piping to individual driplines. The black tank provides solar heating of the canal water, as well as sunlight blockage to inhibit algae growth.

The most recent addition to the farm development was the construction of a Mill Building. The building was designed to house what is currently the only gluten free grain mill in Utah, but to also expand on our capacity to dry corn and other products to mill. Working with the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food in the process of inspecting and approving the Mill, we initiated production of cornmeal, corn flour, and bean flour products in early December 2015. The Mill’s capacity is expected at between 400 and 500 pounds per day. At the end of the 2016 growing season we have 6 different types of corn species that grow especially well in this region that range from green Oaxaca dent corn to Hopi Indian Blue dent corn, and Golden Bantam Sweet Corn. All of these species are ground in our mill into corn meals and flours.

During the summer of 2016 we also became GAPS (Good Agricultural Practices) certified. This means that our systems of growing, harvesting, storing, and packaging are all done as safely as possible in order to avoid risks of food safety hazards according to the guidelines established by the USDA. In order to maintain this GAPS certification we participate in yearly audits in order to ensure good practices and to maintain the highest standard possible.

We are committed to this adventure that we began nearly 6 years ago, and look forward to meeting all of your produce needs.

From our farm to your table,

Darin and Jennifer Worden

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